Silence is Golden

I was recently reminiscing with a friend from my era- you know, the era of no ell phones, computers or IPADs- about how as children we would lie and the grass and watch the clouds and be comfortable with doing nothing. We also remembered having "quiet time" in our rooms. I used think think quiet time was more for the parents, but now I see that there was a wisdom there that we have forgotten

There's Too Much Sit Happening

More and more, I am hearing of friends who are now administering insulin to their cats. I wondered why this was and someone suggested that many cats are now indoor pets and they are not getting as much exercise as they used to. Hmmm… isn't that kind of what is happening to many of us humans- those who live in North America at least? Our bodies are meant to move and yet our lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary, putting our health at risk.

The Great Shift

Great social forces, or shifts, are at work, leaving many of us feeling somewhat out of sorts. We may feel like we don't know where we fit in any more. At the crux of this shift is an awakening of the divine feminine energy. This is being felt most keenly in midlife women generally because women are often more in touch with this emotional type of energy. However, it is also coming into the consciousness of the sons and daughters of these women, those in the 20's and 30's. I see it in the young fathers pushing a stroller while carrying an infant in a snuggly.

Yin is In

Since my last post I completed a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark here in Vancouver. Although I love a good Hatha flow, I knew I needed to bring more Yin into my life. After a week of sitting on the floor and learning to relax the muscles in order to get deeper into the connective tissue, I have already started to bring this practice into my life more. I even taught my first Yin class this week!

Journal Writing - Take the 30 Day Challenge

A  few months ago a friend gave me a book called" Life Makeover". It sat there for a while because, well, quite frankly I just didn't feel I needed any more "making over" at the time. Then one night, when I had finished my latest novel and had nothing else to read, I opened it up. The first chapter asked me to list 25 accomplishments over the past year. So I did. The next chapter had me writing an affirmation. So I did, The next chapter challenged me to journal for 30 days, every day, So I have been- for almost 3 weeks now.

Only Kindness Matters

This past week the community where I live was rocked by the news of the death of a young teen who took her life after years of bullying. There is no shortage of stories like a hers and I have never quite understood how anyone could treat anyone else in mean or unkind way.