Journal Writing - Take the 30 Day Challenge

A  few months ago a friend gave me a book called" Life Makeover". It sat there for a while because, well, quite frankly I just didn't feel I needed any more "making over" at the time. Then one night, when I had finished my latest novel and had nothing else to read, I opened it up. The first chapter asked me to list 25 accomplishments over the past year. So I did. The next chapter had me writing an affirmation. So I did, The next chapter challenged me to journal for 30 days, every day, So I have been- for almost 3 weeks now.

Now, writing down the things I have accomplished, affirmations and writing in a journal everyday are not new concepts for me. Been there, done that! And it was all very beneficial. So why did I stop? I am not sure- maybe I got a bit lazy, or maybe I had peeled open so many layers that I just needed to absorb it all for a while. At any rate, I can say the writing has really helped me to that next level. 


Over the past few years, November has been a very difficult month for me. I seem more sensitive to the shorter days. But since I started writing since in my journal again, I feel like I have been able to fight those rainy day blues with more ease. And the message that keeps coming into my live is about giving.


Giving is a wonderful way to feel the love you feel may be lacking in your life. Because when you give anything, whether it be a compliment, a meal, your time or a smile, you are giving love. And anyone who is reading this has something to give. The key is to give without any expectation of receiving. To know that someone may need something, but may not know how to give thanks.


So from the time I get up in the morning, I try to think about giving. I give thanks for the warmth on these cold, rainy days. I give thanks for my friends and family. I give the bus driver a big smile and say good morning. I give someone I see a compliment about their clothing and how nice the color looks on them. I give encouragement to my employees who are working so hard. I give hugs when I see someone grieving the loss of a loved one. I send a message to someone who is having a tough time. none of this has cost me anything- not financially, emotionally or otherwise. In fact, I have learned that the love I have been seeking is within me and always has been.


So, I challenge you to write in a journal for 30 days. I find that morning works best, but the choice is yours. Write two to three pages of anything you want to write about. And see if you can't find just a little more space for a makeover- and perhaps more love will find its way to your life.




I'm doing this!:D
I've been trying to fill up my journal, since I just got back to writing in it last year.

Awesome! When you journal, while the left brain is working to form the sentences, the right brain is free to create. That is why it is so therapeutic.

Write on!