The Great Shift

Great social forces, or shifts, are at work, leaving many of us feeling somewhat out of sorts. We may feel like we don't know where we fit in any more. At the crux of this shift is an awakening of the divine feminine energy. This is being felt most keenly in midlife women generally because women are often more in touch with this emotional type of energy. However, it is also coming into the consciousness of the sons and daughters of these women, those in the 20's and 30's. I see it in the young fathers pushing a stroller while carrying an infant in a snuggly. I see it in the young women who are more confident in their power and who who not willing to define themselves via a relationship. I see it in the men who have decided that to express their sensitive nature is to be more in touch with who they are rather than trying to live up to outdated ideals of a patriarchal society. I see it in the move towards health practiced in a more holistic approach rather than being dictated by the pharmaceutical companies. I see it in those who volunteer to keep the earth green, to ensure people around the world have clean water and food. I see it in the folks who are tired of the big box store and are more interested in buying and supporting local artisan or crafts person.

If the world feels like it is an upheaval, it is. We are birthing a new way of being, one where power and money are being replaced by caring and social equity. The birthing process can feel painful and we don't know what will arise when the struggle is over. But almost always after the birth there is joy and peace in what has been created.

So, if you are feeling a pain or yearning the can not be explained, it may be that you have been called to do your part in this shift. You are not alone. We are in this together.