Silence is Golden

I was recently reminiscing with a friend from my era- you know, the era of no ell phones, computers or IPADs- about how as children we would lie and the grass and watch the clouds and be comfortable with doing nothing. We also remembered having "quiet time" in our rooms. I used think think quiet time was more for the parents, but now I see that there was a wisdom there that we have forgotten

There's Too Much Sit Happening

More and more, I am hearing of friends who are now administering insulin to their cats. I wondered why this was and someone suggested that many cats are now indoor pets and they are not getting as much exercise as they used to. Hmmm… isn't that kind of what is happening to many of us humans- those who live in North America at least? Our bodies are meant to move and yet our lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary, putting our health at risk.