Affirmations Vs Resolutions: Kicking off the New Year

New Years and resolutions have gone hand in hand for as long as I can remember. However, did you know that almost 80% of people fail in the new years resolutions? This year, I invite you to consider an alternative- tryan affirmation instead.

Resolutions tend to be future-tense, one time statements of “I will” which are characterized by unrealistic
expectations about the likelihood of success, speed and ease of the desired change. An affirmation is a statement of truth that you want to exist in your life that you either say to yourself or write repeatedly. Instead of “I will”, you substitute a verb of action- “I practice”, I choose’, I approach” “I Focus”. Notice they all use the present tense, which tells your brain this is happening now and makes you more accountable to yourself. When your brain constantly hears or reads hears your words, it programs them like a computer, helping you choose better options and experiences that will lead you to the change you are trying to make. Whatever you constantly say to yourself will generally become true, so it is important that your words are positive.
Here are a few examples:


I will lose 20 pounds


I choose food and drink that nourish and energize me.


I will to take better care of myself.


I move and stretch my body and breathe fresh air everyday


I will have more downtime


I make rest, relaxation and rejuvenation a priority.


I am not going to stressed over little things


I practice noticing when I am re-acting.

Write you affirmation, then read it and verbalize it everyday. The more you say it to yourself, the sooner you will start to notice small changes in your life. Try this out- write down and affirmation and put it away somewhere. Then next New years take it and see how well it works!