I just returned from a yoga retreat to kick off my 2 month yoga teacher training program. We had some discussion about what yoga means and how it shows up in our lives- and where in our lives would we like it to show up more. For many in the west who practice yoga, this may seem like a strange question as many chose yoga purely for the physical aspect. But yoga is so much more.

Honoring the Seasons

As I walked home from the bus stop the other day, I stopped to notice a beautiful sunset and as I watched the last of the orange- purple colors fade into the night sky, I realized the days were getting longer and that winter had passed by more quickly than I realized

The Road less Traveled

It feels like my entire life has been along the road less traveled. It can be lonely on that road. Not as many people on it, that's for sure.

But what I do find is that when I do meet someone on that same path, it is like meeting an old friend. They understand me and I them.

Speak your truth quietly

The other day I lost it on someone. Not horribly, but I said some things that were likely hurtful to the other person. I can't remember the last time I spoke that way and later felt that it wasn't acting in a very spiritual manner. I felt quite badly about the whole situation.

When I had some time to think about what had happened I realize that I had let a bunch of things build up without dealing with them and when it finally all came it- well, it wasn't pretty.

The Iceberg Beneath the Surface

The other day someone made a comment to me about another person they did not know well, saying they thought this person was "mean- spirited". I asked if this so call mean person had actually done anything mean. My friend said no, "but he just seems so unfriendly". I suggested there could be many reasons why this person may not have been very friendly- he could be shy and reserved or maybe he was sad. As I observed this person she referred to, I have to say I did not see what she saw at all.

A Recovering Catholic

We were taught that
To love ourself was vain
So we learned to hide
Our brilliance, our light
When we came to another to say
I love you
How could that be true?
For to truly love another
We must first love ourself
So say to yourself
I love you
I am worthy
For only then
Will you allow
The best of everything
To enter your life

Although I grew up Catholic, I do not consider myself a religious person, nor have a practiced this religion since my teenage years.

A Prayer for Guidance

Sweet angels
Guide me home
To that place
Where there is
No fear
No doubt
Remove any obstacles
That block my heart
From receiving
The Divine Love
That is inherent in me
Allow my true soul to emerge
By helping me to let go
Of what no longer serves me
Help me
To "be"
rather than to "do"
Quiet my mind
So that my heart can speak
And let my light shine
Where there is darkness