Soul and Spirit

Soul yearns for connection
Spirit matures in solitude
The ache in the heart
Reflects the struggle for balance of
Soul and spirit
One pulls  toward the burden of attachment and the past
The other towards the search for
Higher conciousness and meaning
And so do not be surprised or mystified my friend
If you feel this melancholy in yourself
For it is your soul desiring expression
While your spirit longs for freedom
Both bring a uniqueness to each of us
As we personify the transendance between

Tears for fears

Sadness was a veil that
Covered my light
Then slowly but surely
The world just opened up
I could feel
I could see
Comfortable numbness to conscious awareness
Tears washed away the pain
Until one day
I caught myself smiling
For no particular reason
Except to know my light was shining once again

Tears wash away grief  and for the most part our tears come from a sense of loss we have no control over. However, sometimes our tears come from a place of concsiously letting go.

Beauty and the Beast

In every situation we have the choice to proceed with one of two emotions- fear and it's accomplice doubt or love and its friend trust. The choice we make will either bring us to a place of peace ( beauty) or confusion ( the beast).

Many of us approach decisions with questions such as "what if I am not successful" or "is this the right choice for me"? These are questions that are learned from well meaning parents, teachers and life experiences that perpetuate the fear cycle - fear that we are not good enough, that we are not liked or that we are not successful.

Child of the Universe

"You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should."

This excerpt from the poem "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann always gives me a sense of peace when I am feeling down or hurt by something something someone has said or done. In fact the entire poem makes me feel more serene after I read it.


It is the end of a busy week and I look forward to some rest and relaxation on the week-end. Ever notice how some people try to out do each other with tales of their "busyness"? And that if in the conversation you said you took one day and really did not do much of anything what the response would be? Gasp!

Breath to stillness

When we are stressed our breath often becomes more shallow. Being aware of these moments, we can learn to deepen the breath as a way out of the storm and into the calm. It seems so simple, yet so we often forget this very basic force that is always there for us. Put notes around you home and work place as reminder to "breathe". Taking 10 deep breaths allows your emotions to settle and clears your head so you can make healthy choices about how to respond.

Journal to Ah-ha

When one is going through their dark night of the soul, many emotions, thoughts and feelings can come bubbling up, leaving one feeling confused and alone. One way to sort through these emotions is to journal. There are no rules. Some people like to have a topic to focus on while others just start writing whatever comes to their head . I say try both! I like to journal with an old fashion notebook and pen, but typing notes in Word works too. Just start getting it all out.

The Joy of Silence

A lot has been written about the fact that many people are not living authentic lives. The chatter in our minds and the negative patterns we have learned do not enhance out ability to move from fear to love. What does seem to be missing in the readings out there are some practical ways one can enhance this awareness and start to make the changes that lead us out of the darkness and into the light.

Happy New Year

New Years Prayer

May you know that everything someone says or does comes from either love or a call for love

May the two most important things you remember each morning as you start your day are gratitude and forgiveness

May you see those moments that don’t go your way as some of the best opportunities to learn to be in the present

May you have the courage to shine your light where it is dark

May you take a moment each day to see a miracle- a sunrise, a sunset, the budding of a new spring flower, a baby’s smile