Awakening to Mid Life Wisdom - Peeling Back the Layers

This 3 hour workshop uses a combination of yoga, discussion, journaling and meditation and invites you to peel back the many layers, or “koshas” of your being on your journey to discover your passion and true self.

  • Physical (Annamyakosha) – the physical changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause and strategies to assist you with these changes.
  • Energy (Pranamayakohsa) – balancing the energy systems in the body using breath and guided mediation to restore balance to the Yin Yang ( male/female energy)
  • Psycho- emotional (Manomayakohsa) – the psycho social changes that occur during this transition and how they may alter the status quo  (and no, you are not losing your mind, you are gaining a new perspective!)
  • Wisdom (Vijnyanamyakohsa) – examining the fear that keeps you from developing your passion
  • Bliss Body (Anandamyakohsa) – awareness of how this transition creates the potential to create a new way of looking at yourself and the world.

Please come with a journal and pen. Suitable, but not limited to, woman entering their midlife years and beyond ( 40+ )